Pairing Social Media and Direct Mail: It’s all about promotion.

We use Social Media to promote our Direct Mail in several ways, therefore giving your ad the most visibility:

  • We alert our social media following to watch for when the Shopper will hit their mailbox. That way, they are anticipating your ad being delivered right to their door and are eager to find out what it is.
  • For special events or promotions, we have the ability to harness the power of viral marketing, reaching thousands of social media users. We call it “building drama.”
  • Keeping up with the times.  We know that social media is here to stay, and is not a passing fad.  We want to make sure that we are reaching every demographic possible with your ad, and we believe that social media allows for that!
  • We build our database with social media.  We get more and more interactive Shopper subscribers through our social media presence.  Outlets like Facebook allow for a lot of interactivity that creates more ownership and excitement around your ad.

We make direct mail fun!  Not only will our readers get wonderful ads, they will have fun reading and interacting with the type of things we post on our social media pages.

Return on Investment

According to a recent survey conducted by Target Marketing magazine, the channel that delivered the strongest Return on Investment (ROI) for customer acquisition for B2C marketers was direct mail. Direct mail also scored the highest among Business to Consumer (B2C) marketers for customer contact and retention.

Now, truth be told, part of the reason direct mail scored the highest among all channels, such as social media, may be due in large part to the ongoing dilemma that is how to measure the ROI of social media. This is why direct mail is still very relevant. It is very easy to track by counting the coupons that come in!

Direct mail is a very effective medium especially if used as part of an overall integrated campaign which includes social media

We can help you design an effective testing strategy via a strong coupon offer that has measurable results.  And we do all of this for just a fraction of what it would cost you to do it yourself!  Plus, we combine your direct mail ad with our online shoppers, our website and and social media such as Facebook which helps you reach even more customers by giving that customer the chance to be exposed to your ad or message more than just one time; both in print and electronically.

How Can Direct Mail Affect My Business?
  • Builds Recognition – Consistent saturation of exposure maintains a clear business position in the community.
  • Economics – For a fraction of a cent per piece you can reach every postal customer in your target market.

Increases Revenue Efficiently and Effectively – By targeting your advertising dollars toward a direct market (i.e.: zip code, zone or entire market) you are stimulating consistent traffic flow and creating curiosity, which in turn increases revenue.

How Effective Are Coupons?

There are many ways to capture the attention of your target market; however, coupons are the bait at the end of your fishing line. Coupons create the curiosity that leads and entices the consumer to shop at your business. Coupons are a direct response marketing tool, which helps you, the merchant, track your daily, weekly and monthly revenues. Coupons have been around for more than 100 years because they benefit businesses by increasing sales, stimulating traffic flow, and by offering great value to the consumer.

Sources: Marketing Charts, The Kern Organization, FMI, Google, Forbes

Does direct mail have any relevance in today’s digital world? Surprisingly yes, and here’s why.

Touch and Feel:  A recent survey conducted by Millward Brown, a leading global research agency, revealed that physical media such as mail left a deeper footprint in the brain.  Media that consumers can touch and feel resonates and touches more emotions than those of the digital variety.

Reaching the right demographic:  The consumers that are affected by “physical media” are not just the older demo, as many marketers believe. “Direct mail surprisingly transcends the age demographic, with younger consumers (the 18- to 34-year-old demographic) preferring to learn about marketing offers via postal mail rather than online sources, according to national survey research from ICOM,” said Lisa Formica, president of FMI, a direct mail marketing and advertising firm.

How Are You Using Your Advertising Budget?

If you are not employing direct mail to its full advantage, it is time to reconsider how you are utilizing your advertising budget.  A survey of 1500 households conducted by InnoMedia, Inc. for USPS The Mail Moment Study produced the following findings:

  • 56% of people surveyed say receiving direct mail is a “real pleasure”
  • 67% feel that physical mail is more personal than email
  • 98% of people bring in the mail as soon as it is delivered
  • 77% of people sort through it immediately
  • People spend an average of 30 minutes a day reading their mail

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