It’s The Real ‘Ting Mon!

September 9, 2019 No Comments »
It’s The Real ‘Ting Mon!

Jamaican/Caribbean Grocery now
open in Natomas!

It’s stated in the ad and it’s
absolutely true…It’s da real ting mon!

We highlight this business
because they carry authentic Jamaican and Caribbean goods, and they have
consecutively sold their entire inventory ever since they joined The Natomas

This grocery is far less of a travel than taking a trip to Jamaica, so you’ll find yourself there quite often after your fist visit.  The comments from the public are that the patties here are as good, or better, than the patties in Jamaica. This is a grocery, so it’s a nice place to stock up on Jerk spices, breads, snacks, drinks, and various other Caribbean foods.  We recommend a visit to this grocer today!

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